What is the Equity Share?

The equity share is the percentage of the open market value the local authority will contribute to the purchase of your affordable home. This will be provided as an affordable dwelling contribution which is a monetary value provided by the local authority towards the purchase of your home. This is expressed as a percentage to calculate the affordable dwelling equity or equity share. This represents the percentage reduction from open market value that you will purchase your home for. The local authority will calculate the equity share you require to purchase your home. The minimum equity share the local authority can offer is 5%.

This equity share can be bought out, by you, either in part or in full, at a time of your choosing. This can be done by making what is known as a redemption payment to the local authority.

The minimum redemption payment you can make is €10,000. The local authority will keep a record of all redemption payments made by you and will revise the equity share percentage they have in the home accordingly. Certain events will automatically trigger the repayment of the equity share, these are known as realisation events. In general, the most typical case is when you sell your home. Other events when this may occur include, but are not limited to, bankruptcy, the property being subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order, or abandonment of the property, after the expiry of the long stop date, or in the event of the death of the homeowner(s).

All redemption payments are made based on the open market value of your home at the time of making the payment. The examples below demonstrate how the value of the equity share may change over time.

Open Market Value at Time of PurchaseAffordable Purchase PriceLocal Authority ContributionEquity Share (%)Open Market Value at Time of Redemption Payment (€)Value of Local Authority Equity Share (€)
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