How much will I pay?

The price you pay will be calculated by the local authority and will be based on your purchasing power. For each home they will set a minimum and a maximum purchase price. The price each applicant will pay will vary as your purchasing power will determine the purchase price and the level of equity share you will require from the local authority. Your purchasing power is calculated on the combined total of the following:

Your purchasing power will be increased by any excess savings over and above the amount required for your 10% deposit plus an allowed additional €30,000. You can use the Help to Buy Scheme in conjunction with the Affordable Purchase Scheme towards your deposit amount. If this total gives you a figure which results in you not requiring a minimum 5% equity share from the local authority then you will be ineligible.

The examples below show how your income helps to determine your purchasing power and the level of local authority's equity you require. These figures are based on a notional property with an open market value of €395,000.

 Column AColumn B Column C  
Gross Household Income

(A) Mortgage Capacity

(Income x 4)

(B) Purchaser can pay

(A) ÷ 0.9


10% of (B)

Open Market Value

Local authority contribution (€)

(C) – (B)

Local Authority Equity Share (%)

In general, the maximum income limi for an affordable home is 85.5% of the open market value divided by 4 (with exceptions), which can be viewed here.

Open Market Value€395,000
85.5% of Open Market Value


Divided by 4€84,431 = Maximum income limit
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