Am I eligible?

You may qualify for Cost Rental if:

  1. Your net household income is €66,000 or below per annum for Cost Rental homes in Dublin and €59,000 or below per annum for Cost Rental homes elsewhere.
  2. You are not in receipt of any social housing supports, including the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP).
  3. You do not own a property.
  4. Your household size matches the size of the home advertised. For example, a two-bed unit may be suitable for two adults, a couple, or a lone parent with 1 or more children.
  5. All members of the household are living in Ireland at the time of applying.
  6. You can afford to pay the rent for the home.

Local authorities, Approved Housing Bodies and the Land Development Agency can provide Cost Rental homes. The provider for each development will be responsible for assessing all applications.

As Cost Rental homes become available, they will be advertised on the provider's website and in cases where there are more applicants than there are homes, successful applicants will be selected through a lottery.

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