How do I apply?

Applications can be made for available Cost Rental through the website of the provider of that development. The provider will set out the details of the homes available and the rent payable for each home. These will differ from development to development and you should apply for the size of home that matches your needs. 

The following documents will need to be submitted;

If there are more eligible applicants than there are properties available, applicants will be selected via a lottery.

Following the lottery, successful applicants will be contacted. You will be required to pay a deposit equal to one months rent less €50. You will sign a Tenancy Agreement with the provider of the home, and you will be able to move in on a date set by them.

Cost Rental properties are unfurnished to allow you to furnish them according to your own taste. However, the following items may be included;

All utilities (electricity, internet, telephone, etc.) will need to be set up by you.

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